Lavolta is currently looking for more global partners to help further distribute our brand.

We are a trusted brand and manufacturer of consumer technology accessory products, with many years of experience in the production and distribution of such goods.

Our goal is to develop a worldwide network of distribution and service partners, to better support our customers and improve market coverage.

Why should you become a Lavolta partner?

Partnering with Lavolta offers your business a number of advantages. Consider these benefits:

1. Full range of branded laptop, tablet and camera accessories to resell - including replacement batteries, power adapters, designer cases and stands, and our super convenient portable hard drives.

2. Our brand's online reputation is already established - we have thousands of real customer reviews available on the Web. It's easy to prove you have a quality product with so many great reviews.

3. Guaranteed quality - we've been making computer accessories since 2007. You can also easily tell how good our quality standards are from our many glowing reviews.

4. Value for money - our products are available at very competitive prices.

5. Stable inventory - we have a very stable supplier relationship, and we're very experienced with handling the logistics of shipping computer accessories - especially in the UK and European Union.

6. 1-year warranty - we guarantee the lifetime of our accessories for this period.

7. Keep on the cutting edge - we usually roll out new laptop batteries and power adapters a few months before the competition can roll out their competing products. So if keeping up with the absolute cutting edge of technology is important for your business strategy, the Lavolta product line is exactly what you need to gain that advantage.

8. Gain a head start over the competition - you can be the only store in your area that offers compatible power adapters and / or batteries for the very latest available laptops on the market. Best of all, you can keep that advantage over your competition for a few months.

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