Lavolta CoolFlow Laptop Stands

Lavolta CoolFlow Laptop Stands help increase the life and performance of your laptop, by reducing its operating temperature through improved cooling airflow.

Gamers and high-end professionals will appreciate the sleek design, extra cooling power, and performance improvements that come with using your laptop on one of our laptop stands. Now you never have to worry about your laptop shutting down unexpectedly due to overheating.

Our laptop stands are available in multiple sizes to best suit the most popular laptop models, and should fit most popular laptop form factors (including screen sizes from 12" to 17"). Please be sure to check that you have ordered the correct sized laptop stand to get the best cooling effect.

  • · Highly recommended for heavy users, or people who demand maximum performance from their laptops e.g. gamers, professionals, and people who frequently multi-task.
  • · Recommended for people with laptops that are frequently hot to the touch, or otherwise suffer from frequent system crashes, and slow and sluggish behaviour.
  • · Some stands come with a separate fan and additional USB ports for added convenience.
  • · All Lavolta cooling laptop stands come with a standard 1-year warranty.