Lavolta AC Adapters

Lavolta AC Adapters are available with plugs for the standard UK BS1363 socket, or the standard Europlug socket (used in most of continental Europe). Please check that you have selected the UK plug option if you live in the UK and the Europlug option if you live in Europe.

Our AC Adapters are perfect for people looking for a spare laptop charger, so they can have a convenient spare for travelling or to keep for use in the office - very handy if you commonly use your laptop in multiple locations.

Laptop manufacturers will normally have several types of AC adapter for their entire laptop range. This means you also need to make sure that you order the correct AC adapter meant to work with your specific laptop model - if you get the wrong AC adapter it will not fit into your laptop's charging port.

Lavolta AC Adapters can be used with all common power supply voltages utilised around the world (i.e. from 110V to 250V). You may need an extra power socket transformer to be able to plug in your AC adapter when needing to charge your laptop outside your country of origin (for example when travelling to the USA).

  • · All Lavolta AC adapters come with a standard 1-year warranty.
  • · Each package is sealed for protection against humidity and other contamination.
  • · All Lavolta AC adapters have passed the required CE, FCC, and ROHS safety standards and come with all relevant certifications displayed.